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A travel guide to Russia if you’re LGBTQI
Russia Is Reportedly Investigating A 'Gay Purge' In Chechnya - TIME

News Russian Federation Torture and other ill-treatment. We have witnessed a shocking display of denial, evasion and inaction by the authorities, who have repeatedly refused to launch an official investigation into the reported heinous crimes. Russian Federation: Men suspected gay abducted, trotured or killed Russia: Persecuted for defending human rights.

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With a commitment to connecting gay singles worldwide, we bring to you a safe and easy platform to use to help you meet your match. Tell you out on international online. Be discreet and you can still have a gay ol' trip to Russia. While same-sex relationships are legal in Russia, public expressions of homosexuality are frowned upon, backed up by anti-gay propaganda legislation. Ultimately, while visiting Russia sounds like a scary prospect for LGBTQI travellers, there are plenty of opportunities for a great experience. Sign up for a free membership to start browsing s of fantastic gay personals from around the world.

Recently Added News Sudan: Investigate role of intelligence chief in protest killings News Lebanon: The right to know for the families of disappeared News Brunei Darussalam: Related content. Country profile Russian Federation. Issue Torture.

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News Review of News Sudan: Investigate role of intelligence chief in protest killings. Alexy Lyosha, Co-President and a former asylum seeker himself, says that it's partially due to HIV programs closing there, but also that services that do exist are corrupt because of the intolerant culture. Sometimes they just assume it's because you are gay.

Some doctors say, 'You are a faggot, and you are going to die, I am not going to save you. Or who won't get treated at all because they don't want to deal with the humiliation," Lyosha said.

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Russia surpassed over a million documented HIV cases last year , with the estimated total of infections being higher to include those who don't get tested. Reports show that only 30 percent of people get treated for HIV once diagnosed, whether they contracted it from sex or needles because of lack of access to medication.

The crisis has also driven many Russians to the black market for HIV meds, which brings the risk of counterfeit products and price-gouging. Dmitry, however, didn't find out he was HIV positive until he came to the states.

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He had bought a tourist visa and round trip ticket from Moscow to Los Angeles even though he knew he wasn't coming back. Once in L. When he told his friend that he hadn't been tested, and they went in together. When asked what it would have been like it he found out in Russia, he says he doesn't know what he would have done. They put a big red 'x' on your file, anyone at the hospital can see it.

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Russian TV offers gay people one-way tickets to leave Next story: Georgian man tends his own grave in identity mix-up. Reporting by Yaroslava Kiryukhina. Use #NewsfromElsewhere to stay up-to-date with our reports via. Richard Ayoade Greg Davies Travel Man Russia. Richard Ayoade and Be careful when using gay dating apps in Russia. There have been.

They don't respect your privacy. He also just filed his asylum case with a pro-bono lawyer and is awaiting confirmation for a work visa, which takes up to days.

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While he's found America to be a starkly positive contrast to his home country, he has also been warned of certain areas when he might not be well-received. Lyosha sees it happen frequently in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, known for its heavily saturated Russian population. Where are you going to go? Where you can speak your language.

Russia One year after gay purge in Chechnya, still no justice for victims | Amnesty International

But people are humiliated," Lyosha says of the area, which he also lived in when he first arrived in New York. Lyosha expects some pushback from the community, but it's not stopping him.

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Not physical, but verbal abuse is quite expected. He feels it's especially important to march because it's a privilege people back home don't have. Just this January, people were banned from marching in a LGBTQ pride event in the Arctic circle, in the town of Salekhard, Russia under the anti-propaganda ban, which has banned pride parades for years.

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Lyosha explained, "We do this here because we need to address it to the public and confront those views. People are being treated as second class there, too.

It's worse than Russia because those people left so long ago, they haven't evolved. As for Dmitry, he plans on marching this year as well. He also wants to become an activist in the HIV community, and recently protested at the Russian Embassy in response to the horrific reports of the torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya.