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I also needed a shave, but she suggested I take a second after picture after a day or so of stubble had grown back, as "every woman likes a five o'clock shadow on her man, no matter her dispositions otherwise. When I returned to my apartment, I was eager to get cracking on the ad blitz that would ensnare my sex-deprived quarry. I immediately fired up Craigslist, but Amber stopped me in my tracks.

It's not worth your time, nor will you earn enough money there for it to be worth the trauma.

The modern, independent escort has to post paid ads to quite a few sites, many of which started out as Craigslist alternatives but have morphed into digital red light districts. Posting ads is a never-ending game of musical chairs for sex workers, as government agencies—who are clearly aware of the nature of these forums—can and do swoop in at any moment to shut them down, as was the case with the San Francisco—centric MyRedBook earlier this year.

The sites Amber recommended for a fledgling LA escort like myself were Cityvibe , Humaniplex , and the elder statesman of the group, Backpage. Let me be blunt here: These sites are hideous.

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Geocities hideous. They're utilitarian digital lean-tos clearly not meant to withstand the test of time. And that makes perfect sense. If Uncle Sam is likely to come bulldoze your house at any moment, there's no sense in investing time and money in painting and gardening when you only need four walls and a roof to stay alive. As I wasn't planning on taking this game the whole way across the finish line, and placing each of these ads cost real American dollars, we figured it would be fine to just post one ad on Backpage to get the best response sampling.

I also changed my name to "Chase" in the advertisement, since that seemed like a suitably sleezy name. Apologies to any Chases out there; I'm sure you're all great guys. I shaved and put on my official gigolo duds and we took some pictures where the only usable shot of me made it seem like I was either snapping my fingers like a Rat Pack—era crooner or talking to Johns Janes? Crafting the meat of the ad took a bit more brainstorming.

The women escorts seemed to be using a garish, s AOL message template for their ad titles with unnecessary underscores, letter-case changes, and symbols littered throughout in aid of—I suppose—grabbing the reader's attention. Yes, I had become the prostitute equivalent of "I've got this friend you should go out with. He has a great personality. Amber went through a short list of things to see what I would hypothetically be OK or not OK with as she typed up my profile.

Upon completing the short paragraph, we looked at the payment options and decided I could use a nice prominent feature in the Backpage sidebar for a week. I opted out of the service that would bump my ad to the top of the page once a day for a week. If I wanted to really rake it in, this would be the most important purchase I could make, according to Amber. She was quick to point out that the ROI was well worth that cost.

Only thing left to do was kick back and let the requests pour in. Lots of guys. Amber had told me to expect this, so I rode out the storm.

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After a little waiting and staring at my inbox: For independent escorts advertising can make the difference between a successful business and just getting by. With the right ad you can attract up-market, repeat, clients. With the right ad you can ask for and get premium rates and great tips.

Ads exist in context. Where you put your ad may make a huge difference to how many clients respond and what sort of clients those are. Picking the venue for your advertising is all about positioning your services in the market. A high traffic website will put your services out in front of plenty of potential clients but it will also mean you are answering texts, email and the phone a lot more often than if you go a more selective route.

Two things which you to bear in mind in choosing where to advertise — first, escorting is a very location-driven business. Your clients want to know you are nearby. Second, you are judged by the company you keep. Ads are like neighborhoods — having the nicest house on a street full of crack shacks wastes your time. At the same time, upmarket clients often travel on business and want to be able to find a girl at their destination.

Which is why advertising at a national site like Skipthegames. Lets go back to Marketing Customers want to know about benefits not features. What will your services do for them? It can end up looking more like a stock ticker than an invitation to delight. Make sure you list what you love to do and make it very clear what you will not do. To make it easy, SkipTheGames.

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All of this is applicable to the seller and purchase of any type. Trained in A little wit helps a lot:. Go easy on the scented soap but men love bubble bath. I am a passionate playmate that prides myself in providing YOU amazing service.

Are you advertising sex for sale? Think for a second.

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There is next to nothing to give you a competitive advantage if sex is all you are selling. In advertising staying focused on your customers desires and how you will meet them is key. A good way to illustrate this idea is to show you an ad which is exactly wrong,. Overweight woman offers rushed experience on dirty sheets in a terry cloth housecoat. Waste some time with me. Curvy lady provides perfect service in her designer sheets and pretty peignoir.

Part of what distinguishes an escort from a hooker is atmosphere and how she presents herself. While sex is certainly implied it is not the only attraction. All sorts of men hire escorts. But a smart escort does not want all sorts of men, she wants the sort of men who will pay well, be respectful and, ideally, become regulars. Your advertising sorts the sheep from the goats. Who is your preferred customer? In any market there are preferred customers. If you gear your advertising toward the segment of the market you prefer that segment will respond.

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Despite this seemingly wide variety. of knowledge on male and female escorts, little is known. about differences in their advertising. For example, research. This exploratory study was conducted to gain information on an emerging form of prostitution—online prostitution. Additionally, this study focused on male.

Of course the more narrowly you focus your advertising the more you reduce your potential pool of clients. But that may actually make you more money for less work. It is also pretty intimidating for all those men who have never had it unless they paid for it. You need the right bait. Nearly all are inexperienced. There have been a few that fall outside all those traits but it really is a rare occurrence.

But in the moment I find it pretty easy to fantasize about other women or experiences. Either by closing my eyes or just letting my eyes slide out of focus and start picturing a more attractive woman.